Apple WWDC 2009.

If you did not know today June 8th Apple presented their new products during a keynote. I, myself have not yet watched it, because of school. Plus, I have school tomorrow so I will not be able to watch it tonight either. If you have not seen it yet you should watch it. It go over new products such as the new iPhone 3GS, the new Macbook, Macbook Pros, and Macbook Airs. The iPhone looks exactly the same as the previous generation (iPhone 3G), but you know people are still going to buy it. Main difference is that it is faster and also has Video recording.

The thing I wanted to know about most during the keynote was when iPhone 3.0 will release, they confirmed it to be released on June 17. I’m excited.

Watch it Here.
Leviticus Says

Why does Apple do this to us?
“Because they know we all will buy it” -Levi

Thanks for the Twitter updates.


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  1. Victoria Gimeno Says:

    your blog is boring.

    you should blog about how much you love me.

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